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What I find most hilarious is how they put Akamaru…

Hinata’s reaction when Sasuke joined the battlefield


Hinata not listening to Sasuke’s shit





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Well…that sucks :/ About the anime studio, I think it’s not worth paying too much attention to it, just look at some eps and say ‘hmm nice, but I like manga better’ and so on xD

The sad fact is that NO ONE would say “ti voglio bene” after such a deep confession and before dying for someone. NO ONE. “Ti voglio bene” is something you write on your schoolmate’s desk when you’re 12, like T.V.B.

"Ti amo" is completely different, it’s like twisting her confession. Tbh I’d rather have the right translation rather than that filler about Naruto, Hinata and the bullies..

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Anna, sweetie. Keep in mind that every Naruto…

I do know, sweetie, in fact I tagged the post as “but the last op&ed tho” referring to the handhold and yesterday I made a post saying that I don’t give two shits about the anime studio (and I only consider the manga).
I was just stating a fact, nothing more, nothing less.

(Plus, it was from the very first opening, referring to chapter 3, so let’s say that it’s pretty old)..

Oh and our anime studio is definitely different, we have a lot of censure: the blood is brown/black, everything that reminds a swastica is turned into a cross, there are more fillers than canon episodes and………Hinata’s confession was changed. In the italian version she says “Ti voglio bene Naruto”, while she meant “Ti amo, Naruto”. The difference is the same between “I care for you” and “I love you”. They ruined it for me so let’s say that I don’t like the italian version, ok?

Here is the link to prove it, LOL

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There must be some kind of NS conspiracy with the anime studio because in the Italian opening Naruto said “I’ll dry her eyes with my first kisses” referring to Sakura


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