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doodle commission for chlorophyllbunny


'Tis the season!! So recently I've been struck with holiday spirit and I decided it's time to spread some Christmas Cheer into this fandom!!

The event will take place in the month of August. Much like other events (such as ship weeks or character weeks) this event has different daily themes. The calendar above shows the theme for each day.

You can write fics, draw fanart, make edits, or do like whatever your little hearts desire for each of the days! Be sure to tag all your posts with #narutosummerxmas, and check out the tag too while the event is going on!!! :)

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..and you've got really pretty hair.
Kind of redraw [x]
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Yep! I started watching the anime, but I’m trying to skip the fillers..maybe I’ll just read the manga u.u

Ok, 5 random facts..

  1. I can’t stand cold weather AT ALL D:
  2. I love music and I like to sing (when no one’s at home :D)
  3. I can’t wait for HTTYD 2 to be released (here there will be an early release on august 11th, the official release is august 16th)
  4. I’m currently fighting with a wasp on my window (again) ç^ç
  5. I’m home alone with my brother and I already know that he’ll invite all his friends here and I’ll have to tidy everything up .-. help .-.
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Thank you Benji!! *brofist* ;)