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There are those who say that people who ship NaruHina and/or SasuSaku are basic as fuck and have a terrible taste in ships.


NaruHina: two underdogs, one sees the value in the other long before anyone else, is inspired by him to change her own circumstance, both become stronger and reach their goals through the others help, she’s willing to die to protect him, he actually feels comfortable enough around her to show his vulnerable side. Mutual respect, admiration, adoration, and they look damn good together too.

SS: Girl realizes the infallible genius is a broken lonely boy who misses his family. Undergoes training from hell to gain the strength to bring him back and help him embrace a brighter, happier future with the family he has, rather than suffer in darkness over what he’s lost. And they also look damn good together.

NS: Hero is awarded “The Girl” as trophy for his “hard work” in proving what a “great guy” he is over the “not so great” rival who is distant and doing bad things. Hero is reduced to pitiful love martyr to excuse his total lack of actual effort and focus in pursuing any romantic interest, “The Girl” treats this “love” as a burden and to relieve her guilt makes a confession of fickleness to atone for her wrongdoing of not droppin her panties for the Nice Guy. NaLu does the look soooooooo much better.

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Thanks, I also broship Sasuke and Hinata now. That edit, though. <3

You’re welcome!
I don’t like SasuHina as a ship, but I love both Sakura and Naruto and for the sake of them I need Sasuke and Hinata to cooperate •^•

You can find all my ‘special’ edits here!

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Do you believe that Sasusaku and Naruhina will wait till marriage to have sex or will they do the deed before?

I think they’d do it before marriage.. Even if I can’t say which of the couples will do it first.

I think that Naruto and Hinata will get involved first, but that Sasuke and Sakura will wait less u^u

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